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Invincible Youth recap : Chapter 2

Friday, November 26, 2010

note :
word with italic and in purple like this
it is author's word or comment~
have fun with the second recap~ =)

Invincible Youth chapter 2 begins with...
the arrival of G7 at Idol-Town~

the first arrives to the Idol town is..

Shin young just arrives after that...

a few moment after that, Hara's there~

smiling eventhough not really happy..hahahha~

oppa, don't go!!~ owh, Hara~
don't you think, living in Idol-Town is fun?
erm, maybe you didn't feel it yet during this time~

Hyuna : I really prepared for today
im starving last week!
Shin young : im turning into rabbit because i only eat vegetables all the time.

red square = that's the food they bring as preparation if they hungry

Sunny and Yuri is just arrives...

after Yuri and Sunny enter the room, they chatting with each other
 meanwhile waiting for others to come

Shin young : Yuri, did you watch "Champagne"?

Yuri : "Champagne"? why? what is it?

Tae woo become a guest in a tv show called "Champagne"
in this show, the have what they called Ideal Person world cup.
they will show pictures, and let the guest choose the person they like~

so, Tae woo is the guest in recently (on that time) "Champagne" tv show~
in final round, it is between Yuri and Lee Yeonhui

Shin young : Tae woo was on it. and he was doing the ideal person world cup.
Yuri : he chooses me again??
everybody : [laughing]
Shin young : why don't you say something to Tae woo~

Yuri : Tae woo-oppa, don't chase after me. im not an easy woman~
Shin young : you're not an easy woman, aren't you?
Yuri : absolutely not~
Shin young : that's why he choose Lee Yeonhui!
Yuri : what??! really?!~
hahahahhahaha~ eventhough she said she didn't like Tae woo,
but when he choose other girl, that make her burst!
that's how typical girls react~ XD

then, Seonhwa arrives after they finish the conversation...
after few moments,
Hyomin arrives too...

as soon as Hyomin enter the room,
Shin young ask...

Shin young : [refer to Hyomin] do you bring any food?

then Hyomin start to bring out her food one by one..
and, it never ends~
she really bring a lot!

unfortunately, a crew come in to the room...

and she take all the food they bring...

G7 : why are you taking them?
everybody feels really upset~

this is because they need to work to get a food~
poor them~

then Narsha arrives. 
she's the last and late for 40 minutes!

she, herself couldn't believe that she's late!

then, they changed the clothes and ready to work!~

Hara : [refer to Yuri] you look so pretty~

Yuri : am I?~

Shin young : you look like Lee Yeonhui!

Yuri made face after Shin young said she's pretty like Lee Yeonhui~

Yuri : he's just an easy guy. i disappointed.
Shin young : Yuri, what are you going to say to Taewu?
Yuri : i'm sure he's not interested in me.
Sunny : if you're not interested, why you use his song as your ringtone?

Shin young : really? you said you're not interested.
Yuri : i like his song~
Sunny : just his song!
Shin young : that's really disappointment~

then, Noh Joo hyun arrives with Tae woo and Huiseok

Shin young : [refer to everybody] do you watched "Champagne"?
Huiseok : why?
Hara : i watched it!!

arrow = Tae woo try to avoid the discussion about his Ideal Person.

Shin young : Yuri and Lee Yeonhui made it to the final
Joo hyun : im sure Yuri won!
everybody : [laughing]
Shin young : yes, you think Yuri won right? but, she lost!

arrow = Yuri's disgusted face!~

Yuri : you're just too easy~
Tae woo : come on, we're in a same program. it's too obvious to choose you. 
i gave a twist to make it interesting~
[Yuri didn't even look at Taewu]
hahaha..this is so cute~
it's really looks like a couple fight because of an issue~

Huiseok : why don't we do it here, now~
Shin young : the Ideal Person world cup?
Huiseok : yes, do it to Joo hyun.
Joo hyun : what?
Huiseok : let's pair them up.
Shin young : okay. first, Hyuna and Narsha~

Hyuna vs Narsha

Joo hyun : Narsha~

Tae woo : next, Hara and Seonhwa

Seonhwa vs Hara

Joo hyun : Seonhwa still a new comer, she still have more chances. 
so, Hara~
Hyuna : give me a little explanation too! 
you didn't explain anything about me!~
haha...poor Hyuna~

Shin young : then, Yuri and Hyomin

Joo hyun : i definitely choose Yuri~

Tae woo : next, Shin young and Sunny
Shin young : oh, this is really nerve-racking

Joo hyun : Sunny!~

semi final round!

Hara vs Narsha

Shin young : they looks really nervous.
Huiseok : I can already tell who's going to be in the final~
Joo hyun : Narsha...why don't you step back~

Hara going to the final~


Yuri vs Sunny

Shin young : they're both from Girls' Generation~
Joo hyun : come on, you know what i feel. Yuri!

Yuri in the final~

Huiseok : what? why Yuri? what about Sunny?
Joo hyun : Sunny is just cute. 
Huiseok : what about Yuri?
Tae woo : you see her as a woman?
Joo hyun : i've told you before. i wish her to be my daughter-in-law.
wow! impressive~ Yuri like...steal everybody's heart.
to be frank, yeah..im not SNSD fans while watching this episode.
but i couldn't avoid but fall for her after watching this show since it started~

the final round

Shin young : Girls' Generation vs Kara
this is nerve-racking

Yuri vs Hara

Hara : of course, its Yuri~
Joo hyun : this is hard. Hara looks so pretty today
Tae woo : that's because she watched last week episode. and today she wore the make-up!
Joo hyun : oh,this is hard! but still, Yuri~

the winner is Yuri!

all of the sudden, Yuri come to Tae woo

Yuri : a man should stick with his decision!~

a moment after that, Youth pooped!
and everybody asked Sunny to keep in charge on Youth.

Shin young : we need to use other word for poop. don't say "poop", say "Sunny"~
owh, i have to go Sunny!~

Huiseok : i stepped on dog "Sunny" today!~

then, they start to clean the house...

Hara is cleaning the room alone~

then, she saw the camera...

she start to dance


and Narsha's hips dance

she's really funny!~
she really know how to spend her time alone!

then...Tae woo come~

Tae woo : Hara! go to work! are you crazy?
hahahhha~~ Tae woo, that's a right time to ambush!~

then, they're going to visit the eldest person in Yuchi-ri
and will help his family to do any task given by them~

this is Heo Inseop, the eldest man in Yuchi-ri

Huiseok : how old are you?

Grandpa : i am 103 years old.

Tae woo : grandpa, what's you secret to live long?
Grandpa : i just live.
[his grand-daughter is on his side]
Grand-daughter : he didn't eat meat.

Shin young get frustated! since she really like meat~
give me a thing that she didn't eat?!~ hahahha~

Task :
1. Pick chili peppers
2. Collect Gingko nuts.

Joo hyun : gingko nuts? its stink, right?
Grand-daughter : yes, it smell like poop.

the grand-daughter of the eldest man

Tae woo : "Sunny". it smell like "Sunny"!

Sunny's face. cannot do anything with "poop" thing but need to be pleased~ XD

Huiseok : four of you will be work for our house. 
the other three will be doing the task given.

the talent show start!
they need to perform in front of the eldest.
if the Grandpa didn't laugh, he will draw they're face using marker!

first start, Narsha~

she looks really confident..
but then, she sing a hip-hop song!

it sound ridiculous for someone old like him~
Grandpa didn't look so happy...

he just make a dot on Narsha's face

then, Seonhwa's turn


unfortunately, it still didn't make him happy

Hara turn..

she start being hilarious! hahahah~

the dog dance~


as usual, her favourite butt dance~

she entertain Grandpa very well with the dance
good job Hara!~
so, she safe!

Huiseok : he laughed out loud for the first time.
Hara : Grandpa, did you like that?
[Grandpa node]
Shin young : Grandpa, but you still want to give her a dot,right?
[Grandpa node again!]
hahahhahaaaa~ Shin young, why should you ask?

that made her to count as failed~

then, Hyuna...

Hyuna perform popping dance.
it didn't make Grandpa really happy actually.
but then, take a look at this..


red circle = Hyuna take a bow
on the time she did that, her butt hit the cow at her back~
then she scream and run to the front.
that make Grandpa laugh and Hyuna is save!~

Hyomin's turn comes...

Hyomin singing her song, Liar.

but Grandpa don't even listen to her...
owh, is she don't have any idea to do anything?

so she get the dot~

and now, Yuri!

that's her weird bow~

Yuri : Do you know Michael Jackson?
i'll show you his dance.
Huiseok : that's must be the first time he heard that name


Yuri dance Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal
maybe on this time, she's busy practice Michael Jackson's dance, so she bring it here!~ yeah!!~

then, Shin young come near Yuri and yell "Dangerous!"
she pull Yuri to the Grandpa
but Yuri didn't stop dancing until she sit in front of Grandpa

i myself not really sure why Shin young said it dangerous! hahahah~

she still dancing on this time

luckily Grandpa smile~
so, Yuri is safe!
lucky Yuri~

Huiseok : we've had Hyuna and Yuri for the task. 
we need one more person.

Huiseok : [refer to the children] who is this?
Grand-daughter : she's my daughter
Huiseok : why don't you choose the prettiest person here~

it's between Narsha, Sunhwa, Sunny, Hyomin and Hara
which one the kids will choose?

then, she choose Narsha!

Task team :
Narsha, Hyuna, Yuri
House core team :
Sunny, Hara, Sunhwa, Hyomin

they start to collect Gingko nuts
Narsha and Hyuna collecting Gingko nuts

Narsha : what are Gingko nuts good for?
Grand-son : its good for asthma and cough~
Hyuna : after all this work, i don't think i can eat it.
Narsha : that's why our mom tell us to eat every grain of rice~

Narsha giving advice to Hyuna~

Meanwhile, the chili pepper team...

they are all work seriously without talking~

but then, Shin young ask Yuri to play something.
the loser need to eat the chili pepper.

Shin young : Yuri, let's play game. the loser take a bite of this chili.
Yuri : [screaming] owh, okay. cool~
Shin young : cool? okay~

First round!

Yuri's water, Shin young's stone.
Yuri win!

Shin young take a bite of chili

Second round!

Shin young's stone, Yuri's scissors 
Shin young win!

Yuri eat the chili

the chili really spicy!

Shin young : don't spit it out!
swallow it!


Yuri swallow the chili with force~ 
hahahha~ so cute!~

at the house, 
the house core team discussing about the work they need to work on today~

1. Build a fence
2. Build Youth's house

to divide the four of them, 
Tae woo make some test for them

First test,
Hammer test!
*to know who can use hammer well*

Sunny can use hammer quite well~

Second test,
Arm wrestling!
*to know who's really strong~*

Hyomin vs Hara

Hara easily win!

Hara : how come you can be so weak?
Hyomin : my arms are weak. but my legs are strong. 
can we try do it with legs?

so they're using legs now...

but then...

Hara still win!~

Seonhwa vs Sunny

Sunny wins~

Fence team :
Hara and Sunhwa
Hen house team :
Sunny and Hyomin

the fence team doing their work...

looks like Sunny and Hyomin work on the hen house seriously

while doing the fence, mr Wanggu, the President of Yuchi-ri comes and help too

back to the Gingko nuts team...
Huiseok are joining Hyuna and Narsha now

all of them pull the canvas that full with Gingko nuts

all the gingko nuts collected on that day
mission accomplished!!~

after the Gingko nuts task is done, Narsha joining the chili pepper team
while Hyuna help the grand-daughter cook the snack for everyone

[Shin young handing Narsha a chili pepper. asking her to have a bite of it]
Narsha : it's not spicy?
Shin young : it's not spicy at all~
Narsha : i'm suspicious. my arms are being held.
Shin young : just taste it.

Shin young feed Narsha with the chili pepper.

Shin young : it's sweet. it's taste like a bell pepper.
[Narsha chew the chili pepper]
Narsha : yes, its good!
Shin young : really?
[Shin young shocked. it supposedly spicy as she already tasted it earlier]
[Shin young feed more to Narsha, and Narsha still chewing it]
Shin young : is it good?
Narsha : it's not spicy at all~
[Shin young look at Narsha]
[Narsha even take more chili and chew it]

Narsha even eat the whole chili pepper!~

Narsha : which chili pepper you try to give me?
i think they were switched.

then Narsha feed Shin young with the chili pepper...

Shin young : it's spicy!

then, Narsha spit out all the chili in her mouth.
Narsha acted with her whole heart to fool Shin young!
hahahahhaa~ Shin young you fooled~

they get back to the work..picking chili peppers~

after 4 hours, the work is done!

arrow = Yuri happy the work is done~

Hyuna in the house massaging Grandpa...

then she came out with the snacks for everybody...

everybody enjoy the food cooked by Hyuna...

Huiseok : Grandpa, why don't you draw on our face again~

Narsha really like it...

Yuri don't have any dot on her face

Huiseok : let us know if you want it, Yuri~
Narsha : desperate for dots!
hahahhahaaa~ she even wished she didn't get the dot!

they, Grandpa said something
Grandpa : Bring some more noodles
Narsha : oh, we're full already~
Grandpa : for them [pointing to all the crew]
Narsha : for them?
Crew : that's all right~

Shin young : the crew can eat the chili peppers later~

ha, see this picture..
looks like this children really cute with Yuri helping her to eat~

she's just looks like a great unnie~ =)
Yuri-unnie, i want it too!~

before they going back home...
the Grand-daughter give them a lot of food

Shin young almost cry when she look at the food~
hahahhahaaa~~ Shin young crying because of too happy looking at the foods

"I didn't think they can do well, but they did such a great job!~"

back to the house...

even though it is doesn't look really good...but good job!

the task team reach home safely...

Shin young : this pepper is not spicy at all~
Tae woo : no way!
Shin young : im serious!
[Joo hyun take a bite]
Joo hyun : it's good~
Joo hyun already join the plan!

Yuri want to pay a revenge to Tae woo!~

Hara eat it and it's spicy!
but Narsha told her to quiet~

arrow = Hyomin already drink the water because the chili is so spicy!
then, Hara start to work on the plan together~
the plan : let's fooled Tae woo-oppa!

arrow = Hara even eat more chili pepper to fool Tae woo

joined by Seonhwa~

look at Sunny~ she just look at everybody working together so well.
but she will never make herself suffer first just to make anyone else fooled~

Shin young : just take a bite to say sorry to Yuri for choosing Lee Yeonhui~

Tae woo get fooled as he take a bite of the chilli peppers~

and few seconds after that, he explodes!

after Tae woo exploded,
another shocking moment revealed~
Seonhwa come to the center with a pile of water!

look, she bring a pile of water...but,

Joo Hyun : what are you doing?
Shin young : what's the water for?
Huiseok : She's pretty, but she's weird!
all she have is just a pretty face!
Sunny : what is this for?
Huiseok : you brought this to wash out your mouth?
Seonhwa : it's so spicy!!!

look at Sunny's hand. Seonhwa bring a pile,
but the water is just too little!

Sunny : she only brought a little water in the pile~

she even drink drink it from the pile!

Sunny : yah! get her out of here!

after a few chaotic moment,
they're preparing dinner together after that...
they just having some fun after working really hard~

the dinner is now served~

they happily eat dinner together~

Joo hyun feed Hara with Korean beef

Shin young get the issue of Ideal Person World Cup appear again!

Shin young : who's Tae woo ideal G7's girl?
G7 : who?

continue to the next episode!

so, please enjoy the recap.
i hope the readers like it.
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i'm not really sure the exact time.
*too much to remember~ sorry everybody*

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